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The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted many sectors, even leading to large numbers of companies going bankrupt and closing their economic activities, among the most affected sectors

there are the companies related to tourism and entertainment, many of them have had to dedicate themselves to complementary activities, which do not even have relation with their company name. However, not all business lines have been affected, industries such as food, delivery and technology, have found in the pandemic, an ally to continue growing. Here we share some cases:

Sales of Apple, the technology giant, reported sales in the second quarter of USD $ 89.6 million, which represents an improvement 54% higher than that reported in the same period of 2020. Sales of the new iPhone 12 smartphones 5G, iPads and Macs marked the top of the best-selling products and this is undoubtedly especially due to the number of people who continue to study and work remotely.

Google and Microsoft also reported millionaire income thanks to restrictions, remote work and study of people from home. In the case of Google, the multinational company Alphabet, Google's parent company, reported profits of USD $ 17.93 million between January and March 2021, making 3 times more profit than what was achieved in the same period in 2020. While Microsoft has reported profits of US $ 55,314 million in the same first quarter of 2021, improving by 34% the profits obtained in the previous year.

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