Xbox Series X

The new Microsoft console for videogames is now available in the market since november 10 of 2020,

The first units of this console were sold out quickly and still in the actuality there is shortage, raising the prices in the stores with few consoles, over there you can find prices aroud of USD $600 for the Series S console and USD $900 for the Series X, when the official entry price was USD $300 and USD $500 respectively.

But let's go to the console series more important, the Xbox Series X, the most powerful Microsoft videogame console with a more robust design, similar to cpu, brings native 4K support, running games at 120 frames per second, with 8K HDR and Xbox Velocity Architecture to brind an more powerful and eficient experience. The Series X console process power up to 12 teraflops with a chip from AMD, the sound brings advanced audio technology with spacial 3D sound providing a better inmersion in the games. The game load times are now more faster with the better processing capabilities and also the inclusion of a storage SSD device with 1TB, allowing features as "change game" with quick resumen and it's posible add more space with external SSD devices to store more games.

The new wireless control offered with this console has beed redisigned, adding an elegant design with refined comfort, better touch and functionality to capture and share content in a more easy way, the control also have a great compatibility with many other devices, including: Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC Windows 10 and Android, this means more functionality and fun using this controls, Microsoft comments that the control will have iOS compatibility very soon. The controls have a wide amount of colours options: including white, blue, red and yellow named voltio.


In the games, the console support back compatibility with most of the games released for previous consoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox Classic, this is very convenient and a big differentiation with the competency, you can also run games adquired eith the Xbox Live Gold suscription, EA play or the last Game Pass that include both suscriptions. Some of the games titles announced for this console are: Assassin's creed Valhalla, The Ascent, Destiny 2 beyond light, NBA 2K21, Watch dogs legion and more. 

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