Create a bootable USB with Linux Installer

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In some cases you need reinstall your software or you want just try the linux power in your local machine, but some challenges appear there. In old computers the installation were in charge of media installer devices on CDs or DVDs. Today the process is a little more easy and you can download installer images from internet from any Linux release, this file frequently use a ISO format.

Follow the next steps to create your USB installer.

Download the ISO installer for your Linux distribution

In this step we are going to download the ISO installer for the Linux distribution in the local machine. In the next list you can get the installer for some distributions

After downloading the ISO installer for your Linux Distribution is time to prepare the USB.

Use a USD drive with a more than 4GB of size. Remember that we are going to format and copy there the installer for Linux and then, all the existing files will be deleted.

Download the software Rufus making click here

Execute Rufus with double click and the next screen will appear

Over there you need to browse the downloaded ISO file, with the select bottom, and after that you can Start the process. This process could take some minutes and you can see the process duration in the same interface. When the process complete, we are able to boot a computer with this USB installer.

To use this USB in the target computer in order to install the new software, you can plug the USB drive in this PC and then, turn on the computer, depending of the computer brand you can activate the Boot Selection option pressing some of the followings keys when the computer is starting for first time:
  • F8
  • F12
  • F10
  • F2
  • Ctrl + Alt + Esc

Once the screen with boot options appears, pressing the right key or combination keys, select the USB option and with this, the Linux installation wizard begin to guide you in the next steps.

Note: Remember that an operating system installation is going to delete your previous operation system and all the data contained there. Please consider this and make a backup of your relevant data before a new operating system installation.
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