Everything in the live is about experience, many people find live sense when they have good and valuable experiences to remember, in the same way, we can imagine the life as a search for hapiness or in other words, a hapiness build as several good experiences to remember.

 In the software world there are a very competitive zone, over there, the important brands make big efforts to build better apps to gain more users, and of course develop an application today is much more than write code to fit some requirements. User Experience then, is all the user look, feel, think and experiment with all his senses while use an application, this experience can be good or bad, with all the points between, and that situation generate several consecuencies as for example: adoption, loyalty, desirability, flexibility, enjoy and more, everything that, affecting in some way the result of objetive that the user are looking for using this app.

For companies around the globe, User Experience is a crucial topic, the reputation of enterprise software is not good, with booring and frustrating screens, making more complex the business processes, leading a high training costs for all the employees and customers. But whats happen when the things changes and the employees begin to find more easy processes, better designed, with intuitive interaction and not complex screens, relevant information easy to consume, that means tables, charts, maps and more. Of course, when the user can use a software tool, when he find always the benefit with simple steps, in any place, at anytime, the work performance and quality raise and this user is going to promote the adoption and improvement. Focusing his attention in business challenges and not support challenges.

Many software companies are making interesting things to integrate UX in their software, using edge technologies with innovation are preparing customers to the next level.

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  • Mobile Web Apps

    The mobile web apps are built using the same development tools than the web pages, so with some knowledge in HTML, Javascript, etc. you can begin to learn this kind of development. To use a web mobile app, the user must enter to any web browser installed on the mobile device and in this way the user can navigate at the URL site or URL app. One of the most important thing to know in the time of coding a web mobile app is the screen because the screen on mobile devices have multiple sizes and the user can interact with the content there in many ways, for example scrolling, zooming or doing the click action just touching the screen with one or more fingers.

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  • The Hard Drive

    Many of the first computers did not have a storage device where to save the information and the applications, in this way all the information was in the RAM all the time, and this information was deleted every time the pc was turn off. (We must remember that the RAM, is a kind of memory volatile, also known as work memory because is available to use when the pc is turn on)

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  • The RAM - The Random Access Memory

    The RAM or Random Access Memory is the work memory, where all the programs and data information that are open in a defined moment is loaded. The RAM only stores data information when the computer is on, when we computer is off the information on the RAM is cleared.

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  • Eclipse

    Eclipse ha sido ampliamente reconocido por su IDE para Java, sin embargo en la actualidad, Eclipse es mucho mas que eso, tambien tiene IDE para C, C++ y PHP, ademas de muchas otras herramientas y plugins.

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  • Android Studio

    Android Studio is the Google official IDE for Android Apps development, providing fastest tools with a lot of features: Visual Layout Editor, APK Analyzer, Fast Emulator, Intelligent Code Editor, Flexible Build System, Realtime profilers, thousands of learning videos and blogs, an more.

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